Thursday, February 10, 2005

Memphis is Weird!

So today, there was an earthquake in Arkansas. Aaron and I are sitting here trying to work out what was going on at the time it happened this morning. We can't remember if there was anything particularly memorable. I remembered a feeling that there was sort of a rumbling feeling/sound recently, but then I remembered that was just Jeepers the cat playing in the foyer with her baseball. EJ blogged today about being able to feel the quake, and I think he's in Midtown, too, so maybe I just took it as another airplane or rumbling truck. My apartment is loud in so many ways that I easily could have incorporated the feeling and sound into one of my version of "normal" here.

The newspaper had the below picture on the front page, and apparently this is the picture of that medical examiner after his antics a while back. The quesion is whether he actually faked this whole thing for attention. If he did, that is so messed up!!

If you want to read the whole story, log into the Commercial Appeal using BugMeNot.

Do what?!