Monday, February 07, 2005

Oddly, This Makes Me Feel A Little Better...

To know that other people are freaked, too:
... For folks who live right across the street it is the second scary incident in just a few days.

"Siren after siren, cops, you know, coming, here comes one... and so we thought what in the world and so we finally got up cause we can't sleep through that. And looked out and thought well, the cops are back over there where they found the body the other night." Jeff Zuber says.

Elise Pugh live near Overton Park.

"I kind of thought it might freak me out a little bit but really it's been more like watching it unfold right outside the windows."

One building over, Jeff Zuber is reacting very differently to this week's "excitement".

Jeff Zuber is also a concerned neighbor.

"It's just kind of a feeling of unsafe, unsafeness, and it's this feeling we've had cause we just moved here from Texas and I've never considered having a handgun before until we moved here."

Two separate incidents have shaken up this part of midtown this week. First a body found in woods Thursday night. Then early Sunday morning, a Memphis policeman shot, the gunman still on the loose...
Just watch that video (Firefox users: You're gonna have to open Evil IE for this one). I feel more like the guy in the video than like the woman. And I'm telling you, I couldn't be closer to where this happened. There is honestly no building closer than mine, which is why I saw it all happen outside my window. I am freaked... definitely, but I'm hanging in there. Just feeling awfully "on alert."

Shit, I hope the "shooter on the loose" isn't the killer returning to the scene of the crime. Jeezy creezy. Just jeezy creezy.