Thursday, February 24, 2005

What I'm Learning About Free iPods

If you wanna skip the long post that follows, just click here.

OK, this is turning out to be such a pain, but I've come so far, and I'm so close, that I feel I must give you all the WHOLE story and hope like crazy that I can get two more of you to do offers for me. PLEASE!

OK, here's the deal. You have to have 5 people complete these ad offers for you, then you get a free iPod. What I've learned from my good friends on Tribe is that many people actually do get these, but it isn't particularly easy. See, what happens is that people sign up, complete offers, then aren't credited for the offers. Apparently, there's some IE tech issue that gets in the way of people getting credit for their offers, which completely sucks.

I thought that if I had 5 people who I know did the ad offers and completed them, I'd be set, but here's the problem: Everyone who has actually gotten credit for their offer had to go through a bunch of stupid stuff on their website to prove they actually completed offers. So there's a second step that isn't what anyone's planning on. Seems that the people who have gotten multiple free iPods are getting tons of people to sign up for offers, way more than 5. It's lame, but the thing is 3 of my 5 people have gotten credit. I only need 2 more, but I need those 2 people to be willing to do a little song and dance to prove they did their offer.

Here's the e-mail I recently sent out to the people who I know completed offers but who didn't get their credit for doing so:
OK, this is REALLY annoying, but I have to ask, because I'm so very close. Of the 7 people who did an offer for me so I would get a free iPod, one person actually didn't complete the offer. The rest of you did. I know you did because you said you did! The only two people [now probably three] who have registered as having completed an offer went through this annoying process I'm about to share with you. I wish I could take care of it for you, but sadly, I can't. If you can please do this for me, I will be very grateful. :D

OK, go to and log in. Click on:
  • Help
  • My issue is about receiving credit for an offer.
  • I completed an offer but did not get credit.
  • I believe I successfully completed an offer more than 15 days ago and still have not received credit in my account.
  • I completed all of the steps required, clicked the offer via your webpage, did not leave the offer part-way through, and strongly believe that I did everything correctly.
  • I was interested in legitimately trying this offer, and have not canceled.
Finally, you will have a little form to fill out. Use Internet Explorer, as other browsers don't seem to work. Please copy/paste in the original e-mail that you got saying that you'd signed up for whatever it was or did whatever offer you were supposed to do. That should make it work. I don't understand why this is so much trouble. The other people in the iPod tribe haven't had this problem like I have. Grrrr.

Thank you so much for your help. Let me know if you have anything like this you need done! I owe you!
See how lame? But it doesn't really take that much of your time, and I'll remind you and stuff, and I'll do stuff for you, too.

Yes, I know it's stupid, but I'm so close, that I really can't just give up now. That said, I don't recommend you try this unless you are a very persistent person like me... perhaps a bit of a proactive busybody!

To help me, CLICK RIGHT HERE. If it asks you my e-mail address, it is ladycutietroublemaker at gmail dot com. (I do that so I don't get spam, but you get how it should really look, right?!)

A big THANK YOU to Mom and Aaron and Simon for actually going through this stupid series of forms for me. You guys RAWK!!