Thursday, March 03, 2005

50 Foot Wave of Mutilation

If you know me at all, you know I'm a long-time, HUGE Throwing Muses fan. Kristin Hersh is the lead singer of that band. Her half-sister, Tonya Donnelly, was in the original lineup and went on to be in Belly and in the Breeders for a bit. For years, Kristin has done both Throwing Muses albums and solo albums, and recently, she created a new band called 50 Foot Wave, and their EP is DIVINE! The last time I saw her live was a solo gig in Bloomington, Indiana, and it wasn't her best (although Andrew Bird performed that night, and he was wonderful. There was another forgettable guy, but I always forget his name. He was forgettable.) Before that gig, I last saw TM in London. I went alone and had a completely wonderful time. There are always friends to be made amongst rabid fans of a particular artist if you walk way up front and keep your ears open.

Anyway, 50 Foot Wave will be releasing their first full-length album within days, and I just can't wait! To get you all excited about it, I'm sharing with you a very enjoyable article. It's an interview with TM's bass player, whose day job is in a bike shop. It's called INTERVIEW WITH MY CO-WORKER, THE ROCK STAR.

To get yourself REALLY pumped up for the new release, go watch this video for "Clara Bow."


There's a rumor she's going to do a cover of the Pixie's "Wave of Mutilation" on another upcoming compilation album. Shhh! Keep it on the DL.