Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Another Bright Shiny Object

Just what I need: another bright shiny object! DAMN YOU, bright and shiny objects!

So any of the rest of you using I love it. If you're still not getting it, check out this beginner's guide to using If you're more advanced, check this out.

My only frustration is that it's this incredibly powerful tool, and people aren't using it to its fullest extent. Specifically, people aren't tagging the links thoughtfully enough for my liking. Many people will use very vague tags, or only one tag. If you give something many tags, then the chances are much greater that it will actually be useful to someone else. I'm a big fan of giving away knowledge, and with, it's so easey to do that. I think a lot of people don't really get its power. I'm just saying.

Still, I wonder how long until I get over how cool it is...