Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Bright Shiny Objects Cause People to Stop Getting Stuff Done

OK, the Getting Things Done bandwagon is completely out of control. I must admit that I'm VERY drawn to it, as a person who is ADD and has relied on external organizers to get through this world, but things like this and the freakin' Hipster PDA are just out of control! I mean look at this Hipster PDA stuff:

* The Original Hipster PDA Idea
* Hipster PDA Porn
* A STRONG presence on
* Then templates to make your own

How is this any different than just using a regular pda or a regular calendar?

Now check out the links for Getting Things Done.


And I must admit, I'm reading the GTD book to see what the guy has to say... after completely harrassing Aaron when he first showed interest in it.

It's another bright shiny object (that's my first original Wikipedia addition! Another self-referential BSO?) that is keeping many people from ever actually doing stuff! All in the name of doing more stuff! In the end, it's just more fun to obsess about BSOs than it is to actually do one's stuff!

Life is hard sometimes. Now if I could just get off the computer and shower so I can go do work instead of reading about (then writing about) getting things done (or not)!

Got to get my stuff done