Monday, March 28, 2005

DiAnne Price and Her Boyfriends

If you know me in Memphis, you know I never go out. Being on internship means lots of work + job hunt + dissertation + no money at all. Plus, I'm only here for the year. I'm a terrible friend because I'm never available to have any fun... not often anyway. So I don't make much effort in making friends because I know I can't follow through. If you know me from somewhere else, you'll know how strange this all sounds, but sadly, it's true. But then there are weekends like the one that just passed, when I honestly, didn't have much to do workwise, Aaron was out of town, and I just didn't have a lot of plans.

That said, I managed to have a lovely Sunday, despite the rain. I had noticed on Friday that Dianne Price and Her Boyfriends were playing at Huey's. One of my mother's college friends in town had raved about her/them, so I called her up, and we went. It was a perfect rainy day thing to do. Dianne Price is one of those people who plays piano like it's an extension of herself. It's effortless. Her voice is husky and soulful and wonderful, and she has amazing energy. "Her boyfriends" weren't too shabby either. What a treat. Please take a lo-fi or hi-fi listen.

DiAnne Price and Her Boyfriends at Huey's on Easter