Thursday, March 31, 2005

Flickr, Part Deux

I've got the full scoop on Flickr Color Pickrs now. The man who creates them is Jim Bumgardner, and, as he says in his Flickr profile, he does his greatest work on Flickr through software, not through photography. He is extremely talented as a software and visual designer , and he makes macro sense out of the micro (individual pictures) on Flickr. It's really amazing stuff! Be sure to check out the poster he's designing for the Squared Circle group.

The reason I thought you could tweak the Colr Pickr was because every large Flickr group photo pool I tried was one for which he'd already tweaked his own software using his big brain! Yesterday, I befriended him on Flickr and asked him to tell me all of the Colr Pickrs he's created so far. Here they are:

The Urban Decay Colr Pickr is probably my favorite. Urban Decay is part of my daily life these days, and there is actually a certain beauty about it.