Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Miss Me?

Three days, and I feel like I haven't blogged in forever!

On Saturday, I had the most wonderful time. I met my friend Sue and Kurt at the Commisary in Cordova. For me, the pulled pork barbecue sandwich didn't rate compared to the Barbecue Shop on Madison, but I have to say, every other item that came to our table was fabulous: the tamales, the sausage links, the barbecue shrimp, the cole slaw, the deviled egg, the beans... I will definitely be going back. After that, we took a little trip to downtown Collierville, which was quaint and lovely. A town square with a train track as its fourth side. There is an old decked out executive railroad car there that hasn't been remodeled. It was open, and we were able to poke around. It was soooo cool! There were some very pretty finches in one of the antique stores that I loved seeing. So very pretty! My only complaint was that they'd piped in easy-listening music around the whole square! Who thought that was a good idea?!

I got a great surprise on Saturday night. I'd been sorting paper, fixing stuff on my computer, calling him with tech questions, trying to clean a little, you know... the usual... And Aaron said he was going to go take a bath and he'd call when he got out. Then a little while later, he calls and tells me to check my e-mail, but my computer was doing something that meant I couldn't do that. Anyway, he says, "Well, then don't freak out when you hear a key in the back door." The boy actually surprised me! And that ain't easy. Not at all! It was a great surprise.

He still had lots of work to do, so I let him use my computer and I finally cleaned around here a little. It really needed it. It's still a mess, but LESS of a mess. Man, I'm writing this, and it sounds so dull, but I'm tired! Hee. Anyway, back to the fascinating story... What was I saying?

As a gift to Aaron for his supportiveness and help during the final push on my dissertation, I got him the very spiffy olive corduroy blazer you see here. He looks super-stylin' in it. We took it out for its maiden voyage at the new Downtown Blue Plate Cafe. Very tasty as usual.

After our lovely meal, Aaron worked late into the night then woke up the next day sick as hell. Spectacular vomiting and a feverish day ensued. Not the best part of the trip, but it happens. I tried to stroke his back in a loving, supportive way while he was hurling into the bowl, but I started gagging and ran out the door. I'm such a lightweight. I'd make a horrible nurse!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the non-story of my last few days.