Sunday, April 03, 2005

Pillagers in Music City


Abby and Aaron are driving past a large field in Nashville.

Abby: What are those people doing? It looks like they are ready to pillage a village, like they should have brooms with fires at the end, like that scene in Frankenstein. It looks like that guy is wearing a cape.

Aaron: I don't know. It looks like maybe it's a tarp. Maybe they are going to play Lacrosse.
Abby: I swear it's a cape. Weird.


Abby and Aaron are coming back from brunch and a hike, and are once again passing the same field. There is a large group of people fighting in the field... like REALLY fighting, and they are all dressed up.

Abby: Oh my god! You have to park. We have to go see.

Aaron: Totally! I'm going!

A&A park, get out of the car and read a sign:

Dur Demarion. Medieval Combat
Sunday 1pm - 5pm Visitors Welcome

Abby: Oh my god! We have to call Adam! Do you remember that conversation we had on the way to the Loveless?

Aaron. Yeah.

Abby: I can't believe I was actually right!

Aaron: I know!

(More pictures to follow.)

It's so funny, I will forgive their lack of an apostrophe!